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Conveyor Belts Pulleys, Rollers & Idlers

conveyor belt pulleys At IBC, We have a wide range of Pulleys, rollers & Impact Idlers to satisfy stringent demands, from handling Light weight material to Heavy duty material for conveying various products like food items, sugar, cement, coal, stones, marble, paper, etc. The pipe is Accurately incise to length, to ensure concentric alignment of the welded bearing housing. Precision bearings are fitted as standard and are best suited for continuous running, even at high speeds. Sealed versions are also available for dirty & arduous environments and for maximum longevity.

1. Smooth Pulley surfaces provide maximum belt protection.
2. Pulleys are available with straight or crowned face.
3. Drive pulley lagging is usually provided to increase traction between belt and pulley.
4. Each Product is designed according to its position in conveyor, considering all tension parameters.
belt idlers and pulleys 5. Welded steel pulleys are of drum type, with rim, end disc and hubs designed to give maximum rim overhang, prevents accumulation of material.

Stable running, good quality, free maintenance.
Belt conveyor rollers are silent running.
Suitable for fast speeds.
High accurate steel pipes ensure the rollers with low vibration and noise.

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