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Product characteristics:
Common flat rubber belt, also called transmission belt, commonly uses high quality cotton canvas as its skeleton layers. The surface of the canvas is scrubbed or coated with appropriate rubber, and then several layers of rubber canvas adhere together to form the flat rubber belt. flat rubber conveyor belts On the longitudinal seam of the belt, enclosing rubber is used to make the seam firmer and better adhered together. The flat rubber belt has the characteristics of high strength, good flexibility, and small elongation in use. It is mainly used in factories, mines, docks, metallurgical industry and etc, and also widely used in ordinary mechanical power transmission, great power processing of grains of rice and wheat, irrigation equipment, wood cutting and other power transmitting equipment for industry and agriculture. Therefore it plays more and more important role in various types of power transmitting equipment.

Product classification:
1. Cut edge flat rubber belt
cut edge rubber belts Cut edge flat rubber belt is manufactured by adhering several layers of full width canvas together, the sides of the belt are flat surfaces formed by cutting, the belt edge surfaces are coated with rubber paste.

2. Fold edge flat rubber belt
Fold edge flat rubber belt is folded by the outer ply or plies of canvas, and the sides of the belts are curved surfaces.

3. Balata packing belt
Available in 2mm to 15mm thicknesses in cotton or jute reinforcement compounded with natural rubber, these belts are used extensively in automobile industries for packing purpose.

The major application sectors for these belts are listed below:
Agriculture, floor mills, stone crusher, carton box folding industry,
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