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PVC Conveyor Belt

IBC conveyor and process belts are specially made for light and medium duty industrial and service sectors. These belts are suitable for all types of Conveyors, whether horizontal, roller supported, troughed, inclined, with suction, curved, etc.

pvc conveyor belts Our belts are manufactured by using specially developed fabrics, with covers made of PVC, PU, PE, polyester or silicone rubber. Our standard range comprises of more than 60 belt types and a large number of accessories.

The vast range of IBC products offer a choice of belts with many features including:
Anti-static and non-conductive
Food quality types to FDA and HACCP standards
Resistance to abrasion, oils, fats and chemicals
Surfaces with low, medium or high coefficient of friction
High transverse rigidity and dimensional stability
Low noise (LdB belts)

Special belts can also be manufactured complete with:
Guides, profiles and sidewalls fitted by means of high     frequency or hot air welding machines.
Curved or Corner conveyor belts it allows the solving of logistic problems through the deviation    of the conveying system from a few degrees to a 180 turn.
Belts can be supplied endless spliced or with prepared ends for on-site splicing to be done with    dedicated solutions.

The major application sectors for these belts are listed below:
pvc transmission belts Airports, Parcel handling, Postal automation, Commercial distribution, Sports equipment, Packaging and wrapping, Bakers and oven products, Chocolate and sweets sectors, Milling and grinding, Bottling plant, Fruit and vegetables, vineyards, Meat processing, Paper, cardboard and printing, Woodworking and furniture, Marble and granite, Brick, ceramics and glass.

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