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Nylon Sandwich Belts
nylon sandwich belt IBC nylon sandwich belts are manufactured from specially tanned flexible chrome leather/ imported synthetic rubber and high tensile uniaxially oriented polyamide sheets. The uniaxially oriented polyamide sheets which form the core layer provide very high tensile strength coupled with high elasticity and high flexibility to IBC belts. The friction cover of chrome leather or synthetic rubber ensures high coefficient of friction and abrasion resistance endowed with these qualities IBC nylon sandwich belts naturally become superior substitutes of conventional belts providing much more freedom in drive, design and ensuring unparalleled advantages.

Unmatched characteristics
sandwich belts Higher load carrying capacity.
Higher elasticity without permanent stretch.
Low flex resistance.
High coefficient of friction.

Rubberized Tangential Belts
High speed tangential drives of modern textile industry rank among the most critical drives and pose a formidable challenge to belt manufacturers, demanding high degree of accuracy of tangential belts. Due to high quality synthetics & other raw materials used by us, our IBC tangential belts have passed this acid test with distinction.

Unmatched characteristics
High elasticity & resilience.
High coefficient of friction.
High abrasion resistance.
High flexibility, low flex resistance.

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