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A timing belt is a type of cogged belt, usually made of reinforced rubber. Timing belts are used for power transmission or to interchange rotary motion and linear motion. In such cases, either high loads or maintaining a specific drive ratio are very important. A common non-automotive application of rubber timing belt is in linear positioning systems. Thus, the basic purpose of timing belt is to transfer driving force by connecting wheel transmission, chain transmission and belt transmission. Rubber belts are quieter in their operation, are less expensive and are mechanically more efficient. We have timing & polyflex V-belts in different nomenclature like: T5, T10, T20, AT5, AT10, AT20, H, L, XL, XH, XXH, MXL, 3M, 5M, 8M, 14M, etc.

timing belts Anti-wearing out
Small elongation rate
Cost effective
Simple transmission mechanism
Light weight
No Lubrication
Less noise while running
Easy for maintenance

Types of rubber timing belts
Rubber synchronous driving belt: This is a special kind of rubber driving belt to transmit the mechanical driving force.
Circular arc tooth belt: Used in sewing machinery, food processing equipment and small household electrical appliances. Composed of closed round rubber, teeth and attached belt or pulley.
T-Type Belt etc.

Applications: Automobile Industry, Chemical fiber, Needlework equipment, Spinning equipment, Cigarette marking machines, Printing machines, Office equipment, Communication equipment, Foodstuff machines, Chemical machines, Light industrial machines and Various precision machine tools and instruments.
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